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Hi there! I'm a [designer](/portfolio/), [teacher](/teaching/), and [writer](/writing/) living in New York Berlin Barcelona.


I've always wanted to teach. Over the course of the past few years, I've been able to take on more teaching engagements, at Noble Desktop and at General Assembly.

As part of my general tendency to overthink whatever I'm doing, I've been reading more blogs about education in recent years, which has been a real pleasure. Reading and practicing have allowed me to start forming some of my own thoughts about teaching.


Mostly embarrassing, enter at my own peril:

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Midnight Breakfast

I've been working closely with Rebecca Rubenstein and Taylor Pavlik for the past year to get a literary magazine off the ground, with the help of Lauren O'Neal, Ashley Perez, and a ton of wonderful writers and artists.

Design & Development

I like to make websites, and have spent most of my career doing so. I learned to make websites as a hobby, and in college I found myself a position making websites for professors. I started out working for an agency in L.A., then moved to New York, where I have worked on projects as a freelancer and as a partner at Cantilever. Eventually I made my way to Berlin, making websites with Edenspiekermann.