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Erlang + Rebar plugin for vim


For quick goto from function call to it declaration you can use <localleader>d or you can set up own mapping:

autocmd FileType erlang nnoremap <silent> <buffer>
	\ <F6> :call revim#goto#Define(g:global_call)<CR>

There is 2 type of function call: global (whith module name) and local. Local function call always open in current buffer. For global call you can specified how to process move to declaration. Exists 3 type of goto:

  • 0 = in same buffer (move cursor, if declaration in other file, than first open it)
  • 1 = in split window (split window and in new window goto declaration)
  • 2 = in new tab (open new tab and goto declaration)


  • Goto local function in same buffer and global function in new tab (default)

    let g:global_call = 2

Goto smart enjoy to not open new window for already opened file. It simple go to that buffer and move cursor to function declaration.

Highlight syntax

Highlight correct erlang expressions and some common errors.


In you .vimrc you can change color for some of erlang expressions:

  • different highlighting for function heads

    hi erlangFunHead cterm=bold
  • highlight edoc tags:

    hi erlangEdocTag cterm=bold
  • highlight erlang BIF:

    hi erlangBIF cterm=bold ctermfg=green