l'Abbaye des Morts - ported to Linux, Pandora, GCW0, Wii and PSP
C Makefile



Port of indie game "l'Abbaye des Morts". Originally released by Locomalito to Windows platform in year 2010. This port uses C language with SDL libraries.

Media / Screenshots

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Currently, this port works on:

  • GNU/Linux (32 & 64 bits), including Raspberry Pi
  • FreeBSD
  • OpenPandora
  • CGW Zero
  • Nintendo Wii

Fell free if you want to port this program to another system, it's opensource, take the code and modify!

Installation from source

Under GNU/Linux and FreeBSD, in order to compile this program, you need to install SDL2 libraries. Check your distribution instructions.

Unpack the source code file:

$ tar xf abbaye_linux_v2_beta.tar.gz

Enter the directory created an run:

$ make

As root, install the game with:

# make install (Ubuntu users run: $ sudo make install)

An icon will appear in your application menu, in game section. Alternatively you can run the game with abbayev2.

Uninstallation from source

Enter the directory and run (as root):

# make uninstall (Ubuntu users run: $ sudo make uninstall).


Abbaye des Morts is a freeware game made by LocoMalito (with the help of Gryzor87 in music side) in 2010. Was developed with Gamemaker and only runs natively in Microsoft Windows systems.

This is a port to GNU/Linux systems & any system that supports C and SDL libraries.

The version 2.0 of the game is a port from SDL1.2 to SDL2 libraries. This includes a nice set of features: OpenGL rendering, auto-scaling, Android & IOS support, VSync, etc.


The code is licensed under GNU GPL version 3, so anyone can download, see, change and redistribute the code.