Convert Neo-Latin XML editions from CroALa to CTS / CITE Architecture
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CroALa, a CTS edition

Current release: DOI

Current build status: Build Status

Neo-Latin texts from CroALa made conformant to the requirements of the CITE Architecture and the CapiTainS guidelines.

The team

Neven Jovanović, Department of Classical Philology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb, Croatia

Alex Simrell, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachusetts and University of Zagreb, Croatia (Fulbright fellow 2016-2017)

The task

At the moment, CroALa contains 485 documents and about 5.66 million words.

Of the 485 documents, 443 were easy to describe semi-automatically -- via XQuery scripts -- according to CTS metadata requirements. The rest (see a list) have multiple authors or other issues.

As we are following the CapiTainS guidelines on metadata and directory structure, it has been necessary to rename files in the collection. There is a concordance file listing old and new file names.

To learn why we chose to depart from the CapiTainS conventions, and to provide a different interpretation of the CITE Architecture, see the CroALa CTS explained. For an exploration of XPaths number of nodes in CroALa, see CroALa XPaths.

The task of making this version of CroALa compliant to current CapiTainS setup and conventions is described in CroALa to CapiTainS. Some implications of this task are also sketched there.


  • The XML files and metadata are in data
  • The XQuery scripts used to produce this version are in scripts, as well as their description
  • Files with additional information are in docs