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Never - Functional Programming Language

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Never is a simple functional programming language. Technically it may be classified as syntactically scoped, strongly typed, call by value, functional programming language.

In practise Never offers basic data types, assignment, control flow, arrays, first order functions and some mathematical functions to make it useful to calculate expressions. Also it demonstrates how functions can be compiled, invoked and passed as parameters or results between other functions.

Getting Started

It is easy to download and compile Never language. Just clone repository and make the compiler in a few basic steps. To read more visit site.


Never requires basic Linux installation to be built. The following tools and libraries are needed:

  • gcc
  • glibc
  • bison / flex
  • libmath, libdl and libffi


Never can be installed in steps:

  • clone repository
  • cd never
  • mkdir build; cd build
  • cmake ..; make

asm.js wasm

To compile for asm.js or wasm targets use the following commands:

Get the latest sdk: git clone

cd emsdk
./emsdk install latest
./emsdk activate latest
source ./

Compile to native asm.js

mkdir build && cd build
emcmake cmake .. -DJS_ONLY=ON 

Compile to native wasm

mkdir build && cd build
emcmake cmake .. -DWASM_ONLY=ON 


Now you should see never.js file in your build directory. You can overwrite ../never.js and open never.html, or modify never.html to load build/never.js file or load the file in JS console and run:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000
# http://localhost:8000/never.html
var never = Module.cwrap('never','number',['string']);
never("func main() -> int { 123 }")


All help is welcome! Using it, reporting bugs, spreading the word, writing code samples, blogs, submitting ideas, documentation, new features. Everyone is invited to contribute.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.