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The response to this pledge has been much larger than we expected; thank you for your support and participation!

We do our best to verify every signature that appears on the website. It requires a great deal of human effort to verify thousands of signatures, so we stopped accepting new signatures for manual verification at noon PST Dec 21, after accepting signatures for 8 days. We are still processing a large backlog of submitted signatures, so the number of signatures on the website will continue to increase, but we are no longer accepting new signatures.

Even though we are no longer accepting new signatures to show on the website, you can still sign the pledge in many ways. Remember, the pledge is a personal, individual commitment; announcing your commitment is an invitation to others to help you hold yourself accountable. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Tweet "I, <your name>, hereby commit to the pledge. Please stand with me and hold me to it. #neveragaintech"
  • Post "I, <your name>, hereby commit to the pledge. Please stand with me and hold me to it." on your personal website or blog, with a link to
  • Print out the pledge and sign it on paper. Post it in a visible location to show solidarity and gather signatures from your teammates. Host a signing party at your workplace.

We are heartened and grateful for your enthusiasm and support. If you are passionate about this issue, please get involved! There is plenty more to be done.

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