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What is yaraft?

yaraft is a C++11 port of etcd/raft, which is a widely proven Raft library written in Go. Raft is a well-known distributed consensus algorithm. It's a practical solution designed for understandability, without sacrificing performance and fault-tolerance comparing to Paxos.

etcd/raft features at its minimalistic design that only the core Raft protocol is implemented. No RPC, no WAL storage, no multi-threaded environment. It has nothing more than a pure state machine, so that we can test it in a deterministic way. For state machines with the same state, the same state machine input should always generate the same state machine output.


Read docs/ for more details.

The public interfaces are under include/*.

  • include/conf.h: The configuration to control over the behavior of raft state machine.

  • include/raw_node.h: Main interface for controlling over raft state machine.

  • include/memory_storage.h: A copy of the uncompacted log entries that are kept in memory for efficient retrieval.

  • include/ready.h: The output of the state machine.

  • src/yaraft/thrift/: The thrift messages sent and received by yaraft. Read docs/ for more information.

  • include/logger.h: Logger is the interface for writing log messages. You can customize the logging mechanism by implementing the interface. By default logs are simply written to stderr.

  • include/errors.h: error_s is returned from many of the public interfaces and is used to report success and various kinds of errors.

Building from source

sudo apt-get -y install libboost-dev
cd build && cmake .. && make && make install

Running the tests


you can run to generate the coverage report.


Contact me or submit an issue if you have any questions about the project.


yaraft is under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details.