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Small Commits Workshop

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Getting Started

  • Clone this repo
  • Fork this repo
  • Configure Git to push to your fork by running:
    # Over SSH
    git remote set-url origin --push<username>/small-commits-workshop.git
    # Over HTTPS
    git remote set-url origin --push<username>/small-commits-workshop.git
  • Set up .NET Core 2.1 for Visual Studio 2017 via the .NET Core Guide
  • Open SmallCommitsWorkshop.sln using Visual Studio 2017
  • Run the tests in the SmallCommitsWorkshopTests project
  • Start the app by clicking on the green arrow with label IIS Express
  • This should launch the app in your browser and automatically navigate to the /api/users route.
    • If this doesn't work, contact Mark or Carl and they'll help you out.
  • While on /api/users/, you should see the following response:

Note: the app uses a self-signed certificate, and you may see warnings about it. It is safe in this specific instance to ignore the errors.

OS / Visual Studio Alternatives

If you do not have or want to use Visual Studio, or do not want to use Windows, simply install .Net Core 2.1 SDK and use your editor of choice.

# Run tests
dotnet test SmallCommitsWorkshopTests\SmallCommitsWorkshopTests.csproj

# Run app
dotnet run --project SmallCommitsWorkshop\SmallCommitsWorkshop.csproj