Opens a copied Figma File URL in the Desktop App
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A Mac Menubar App that helps open Figma URLs in the Figma Desktop App
*Note: This is a personal project and not affiliated with Figma


Requires OSX 10.14 or later

Download the latest release here.

Double-click on the .dmg file and drag Open Figma into your Applications folder

How to use

Note: Open Figma only works if you have the desktop app installed. You can download it from here.

  1. Open Open

  2. Copy a Figma File URL to your clipboard. You can get this in the share dialogue or by copying it directly from the browser. Example:

  3. Click Open in Desktop App from the dropdown in the menubar or use the keyboard shortcut control+option+command+f

  4. Voila! The link you just copied should now open in the Desktop App