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Helper to consume rest API set up on .net core.
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NetCore Apis.sln


  This project is designed to provide a smooth flow from a .net core REST API to any UI such as xamarin.forms. 

List of projects in this repo:

  • Nugets:
    • NetCore.Apis.Consumer: Provides a simplified way to consume REST API, especially API created using .net core. Key features include:
      1. A HttpClient wrapper class "ApiConsumer" that provides functions for HTTP calls, that can directly get and/or set typed objects.
      2. A HttpResponseMessage wrapper class "ApiConsumedResponse" that provides helpful properties including the text response and a collection of model validation errors (where applicable)
      3. Default events can be set to "ApiConsumer" for the various http status codes.
    • NetCore.Apis.Client.UI: Binds/maps models to any UI. Note that the word "map" is used to avoid conflicts and confusions xamarin binders. Key features include:
      1. A generic mapper interface to allow configure any data type to any UI component. The mapper also allows the configuration displaying the list of errors (model validation).
      2. A "ModelHandler" that maps a given model to UI components with the help of the mapper interface. This allows for a strongly typed mapping of the models and UI components.
      3. A submit function that gets the data from all mapped components anything preset and works with "NetCore.Apis.Consumer" to check for errors (model validation) and populate errors into UI.
    • NetCore.Apis.XamarinForms: Sets up mappers for common xamarin components with common data types. Key features include:
      1. Mapping components such as Entry, Editor, DatePicker, TimePicker and switch to data types such as string, int, int?, bool, etc. -
  • Tests:
    • Constants: Stores constants such as URLs to be used across test projects
    • Models: Common models to be used across test projects
    • TestWebApi: A web api created on .net core to be consumed and tested bo other projects
    • Access: A project that uses NetCore.Apis.Consumer nuget to consume the TestWebApi, meant for code reuse for some test projects.
    • NetCore.Apis.Consumer.Test: Unit testing for NetCore.Apis.Consumer. Directly refrences the NetCore.Apis.Consumer project.
    • MobileUI: A xamarin forms app meant to test the NetCore.Apis.Client.UI. This project directly refrences the NetCore.Apis.Client.UI in order to test each feature.
    • XamarinTest: A xamarin forms app meant to test the NetCore.Apis.XamarinForms. This project directly refrences the NetCore.Apis.XamarinForms in order to test each feature.
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