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Commits on Nov 22, 2011
  1. Woo, Travis CI! Support for the latest nodes. oh dot two dot eight.

    * Adding support for node v0.6.1 & v0.6.2.
    * Travis CI configuration.
    * Fixed tests to be independent of file system ordering.
    * Fixed the gitignore to include some missing test files.
    * Rebuilt lib with a more recent coffee-script, and pinned the
      version of it to 1.1.3 for stable sources.
Commits on Aug 25, 2011
  1. Tests are on the way. Autorequire it now! Ohai, haiku time!

    * For the most part, the autorequire infrastructure is in place.  The following features still
      require work (before I feel that the 'core' is complete):
      * From within an autorequired file (default convention), we should be able to traverse up through
        parent directory walkers until reaching the package root.
      * Cycle detection with a useful error to aid in debugging.
      * Compatiblity with the full range of Node and CoffeeScript versions that should be supported.
        Probably just Node 0.4.0+ and CoffeeScript 1.0+.
    * In addition, a comprehensive test suite needs to be built:
      * It needs to test each convention
      * Ensure that autorequired modules are properly cached within the process.
      * Ensure that we don't leak globals.
      * The tests need to be run on _every_ point release, to ensure compatibility.
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