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MODX Library

MODX Library is a core part of phpBB Constructor project and provides processing phpBB MOD install scripts in MODX format.

It's designed as stand-alone library, which can be easily integrated to any project.

Standard conformance

Library provides full support for MODX 1.2.5 except following operations:

  • edit → action[type=operation]

Implementation details

Because of phpBB Constructor needs, MODX Library has special ways of processing <php-installer> and <sql> instructions.


MODX Library add line to install/mods/installer.txt file with path to installer file, which should be ran after installation.

It also adds

define('IN_INSTALL', true);

line to installer file beginning if it doesn't contain such line already.


Saves query to file install/mods/$dbms.sql, where $dbms is value of attribute dbms or sql-parser if it's not specified.