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Google Cache Browser 3.0

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GCB is an open-source project aimed to help navigating Google cache.

Almost everyone faces need to view a site, which is currently down, or a web page, which was removed. Google does a great job indexing the Web and keeping indexed pages in publicly available cache. So, when the need comes, most of us go to Google, search for needed page and open it's saved version.

GCB is just about simplifying these steps for everyone. Have you ever clicked any link on cached web page? Probably yes, and it took you back to the original web site. So if you wanted to get that page again from the cache, you had to do all the steps on and on. GCB solved that for you: it hooks into a cached page, intercepts all clicks on links outside the cache and directs them back. We also provide a convenient bookmarklet to open cached version in GCB in a single click.


JavaScript reincarnation of Google Cache Browser




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