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Convenient random number generators for V
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vconrand: Convenient random number generators for V

A collection of useful, simple random number generators and sampling methods. I wrote this to make it more easy to translate R simulation code to V.


To install vconrand, you can use VPM.

$ vpm init
$ vpm get vconrand


import vconrand
import rand
import time
import math

fn main() {


  // random number from a uniform distribution
  vconrand.runif(384.12, 399.54)
  vconrand.runif_n(5, 384.12, 399.54)

  // random number from a normal distribution
  vconrand.rnorm(14.81, 2.73)
  vconrand.rnorm_n(5, 14.81, 2.73)

  // random integer from an arbitrary distribution
  mut arr := [0].repeat(200)
  for i := 0; i < 200; i++ {
    arr[i] = i
  mut freq := [0].repeat(200)
  for i := 0; i < 200; i++ {
    freq[i] = distribution_function(i)
  vconrand.rarb_int(arr, freq).str()
  vconrand.rarb_int_n(5, arr, freq).str()


fn distribution_function(i int) int {
  x := f64(i)
  res := 10.0 * math.sin(0.1 * (x - 0.1)) + 10.0
  return int(math.round(res))

See test/test.v for some code that shows every function.

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