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β›“ A simple Blockchain implementation written in Swift.

A Blockchain implementation that loosely mimics Bitcoin's key features.

βœ… Features

  • 🎭 Secure and Anonymous Wallets
  • πŸ” Verified Transations
  • πŸ›  Proof-of-Work System
  • 🌐 Simple Decentralization
  • πŸ—„ Persistent state

⛔️ Missing features:

  • 🌐 P2P Decentralization
  • πŸ—„ Advanced Persistence

🚦 Requirements

  • βœ“ Swift 4.0+
  • βœ“ macOS 10.14+, iOS 12.0+, tvOS 12.0+

πŸ“£ Shoutout

Big thanks for inspiration and learning from Ivan Kuznetsov's Building Blockchain in Go and BitcoinKit.

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