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Remote control your iOS app using Nu (lisp-on-objc)

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Put AsyncSocket, SPNuRemote and Nu.framework into your Mac or iOS project, do [[SPNuRemote new] run] somewhere, and suddenly you have magical powers. Say you did this to the standard Window+CoreData project in Xcode (as seen in the "iOS" folder in this repo), and then used your magic wand:

22:49:14 nevyn:~$ cat
(set a 3)
(log "Hello #{a}")
(((((UIApplication sharedApplication) delegate) navigationController) topViewController) insertNewObject)
(+ a 5)

22:49:16 nevyn:~$ nc -v 8023 < 
Connection to 8023 port [tcp/*] succeeded!
200 OK  8

22:51:01 nevyn:~$

The system log now contains "Hello 3", the table view contains a new row, and you calculated 3 + 5 the hardest way you could think of.

The fun stuff doesn't end there. I've built a "pretty" GUI application you can use to do your remote scripting in, confusingly called NuRemoter.

If you plug things in the right way, you even get your console log messages warped in through hyperspace.

(Secret magic: the ugly combo box at the top allows you to load and save code snippets, that end up cluttering your Documents folder. You can also do "#require foobar" to include the snippet 'foobar' into the current one, e g for setting up commonly used state).

Recently, I also duct-taped in remote graphing, so that you can track some variable in your app and make sure it's at sane levels. Check out the iOS example project for usage.


The protocol is described in the SPNuRemote header.

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