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[Cocoa] Control any KVO-compliant value in your iPhone app from a GUI app on your mac.
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@togi reminded me the other day of the horrible annoyance that is tweaking UI-related variables in iPhone apps until you get it just right, by changing-recompiling-installing-navigating-looking and repeating ad nauseum, and suggested that it should be doable with some KVO magic and maybe some DO. And you know what? It is!

Say you have a view somewhere. It has a color. You have heaps and bounds of views on top of it, with alpha and gloss and I don't know what. You want it to look just right, so you need to do it on the device, and you need to do it in code. Now, it's as simple as: #include "RemoteParameter.h" ... [colorView shareKeyPath:@"backgroundColor" as:@"colorView"];

... adding RemoteParameter.[m|h], AsyncSocket.[m|h] and CFNetwork.framework to your project, and boom, you're done! Launch, browse to your instance, and edit away.


Video tutorial available on Youtube.

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