[iPhone] DO NOT USE FOR INSPIRATION. Look at CocoaLibSpotify! Open source Spotify client.The project is very very dead.
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Spot is a Spotify client for iPhone based on despotify. You can see a video of it in action on youtube.

All dependencies are bundled.

Please note: You MUST have a Spotify Premium account to use Spot! Otherwise it'll just crash. Yes, I need to add a check for that...

Contribution notes

Please follow these recommendations, or I might not be able to pull changes from your fork:

  • Follow Cocoa naming conventions
  • Make atomic commits. One feature per commit.
  • If you change a .xib or .xcodeproj, describe the change thorougly so I can reproduce it, as it'll probably not merge cleanly and I'll have to remake it manually

Known bugs

  • Playlists don't work (despotify need fixing)


  • ArtistBrowseViewController
  • zoom art
  • zoom text
  • react on links in text
  • AlbumBrowseViewController
  • zoom art
  • add something in the empty space (artist info here too?)