A set of sublime text2 snippets for make your life easy when use Responsive Boilerplate framework
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Sublime Text2 snippets to use with Responsive Boilerplate.

A bunch of nicely and very useful ResponsiveBoilerplate code snippets for Sublime Text editor.


We have 3 options to install the snippets (We prefer the third option).

1. Clone the repository into your packages folder.

git clone git@github.com:newaeonweb/ResponsiveBoilerplateSnippets.git

2. Download the .zip file and unzip it into your ST2 packages directory.

3. Using the Sublime Text Package Control, the easy way!

How to use

  • We strongly recommend the use of Sublime Text 2 (I have not yet tested the new version 3).
  • Just type Rb on the snippets window and you'll see a dropdown menu with all classes availabe.

Remembering that, these snippets are exclusive part of the Responsive Boilerplate Library and certainly will not work outside the Responsive Boilerplate folder structure.

For more infos, visit: Responsive Boilerplate.


Please welcome. Feel free to test, send bugs, suggestions and contribute with code to improve this tool.

More Infos