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A dropbox clone demo desktop application to showcase the Newfang Desktop SDK


  • Platforms are hard to demo. So, we developed Bastion as a means to showcase the Newfang Platform.
  • This is just a PoC. Expect it to be rough around the edges.
  • Please report any issues or bugs and help us improve it.
  • Bastion comes with 1GB of free storage and 1GB of free bandwidth for you to test.
  • Bastion and our SDK are highly experimental at this point. DO NOT upload anything important or without a backup.


  • This repo does not come with the Newfang SDK which you will need to perform upload/download.
  • Reach out to us @ or visit the Newfang Website to download the SDK.
  • For ready-to-test builds, which come bundled with our SDK, download OS specific installers from the PoC Page on the Newfang website.

Build Setup

# install dependencies
npm install

# serve with hot reload at localhost:9080
npm run dev

# build electron application for production
npm run build

# lint all JS/Vue component files in `src/`
npm run lint

This project was generated with electron-vue using vue-cli. Documentation about the original structure can be found here.

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