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Flash tool for new Sony flash tool protocol (Xperia XZ Premium and further)
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This experimental software allows you to flash firmwares acquired through XperiFirm to Sony phones including and newer than the XZ Premium.


  • Place the newflasher executable into the firmware folder (usually created by XperiFirm)
  • Run Newflasher. Everything inside the folder will be flashed, so remember to remove files you don't want on your device beforehand.

Build (native)

Install development versions of zlib and expat. On Debian-based systems such as Mint and Ubuntu, this means:

sudo apt-get install libexpat-dev libz-dev

Download, build and install, assuming that ~/bin is in $PATH:

git clone ~/.local/share/newflasher
make -C ~/.local/share/newflasher
ln -s ../.local/share/newflasher/newflasher ~/bin

Build (cross, static)

make newflasher.[exe/x64/i386/arm32/arm64], exe referring to a Windows build, the rest being for Linux and Android.


XDA Thread.

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