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Version 0.5.1, 31st March 2009
Released version 0.5 of the application and moved the code to GitHub. This is
the last of this line--the next release will be a large rewrite to use the
comment extension hooks provided in Django 1.1 and will be backwards
Version 0.4, 7th March 2008
Added gravatar support, internationalization support on the comment models,
and fixed a bug with get_threaded_comment_form.
Version 0.3.1, 24th February 2008
Bugfix release, fixed problem with django-comment-utils always being required
and added extra keyword argument onto each of the comment views which allows
for the specification of a custom form.
Version 0.3, 24th February 2008:
Got rid of proprietary comment moderation tools in favor of the better-designed
django-comment-utils by James Bennett. Also, provided template tags which get
unbound FreeThreadedCommentForm and ThreadedCommentForm forms.
Version 0.2, 4th February 2008:
Added the ability to edit or delete comments. Also added the ability to
preview comments (like django.contrib.comments does) and confirm deletion of
Also fixed a few bugs, one which was major and made it so that redirection
worked improperly after a new ThreadedComment was posted.
Finally, added max_depth as an attribute to the moderation system, so that
someone cannot vandalize the system by posting a long series of replies to
Version 0.1.1, 24th January 2008:
Added get_comment_count and get_free_comment_count templatetags. Also updated
the manager to have a all_for_object method which gets all related objects
to the given content object.
Version 0.1, 23th January 2008:
Packaged from revision 59 in Subversion; download at
* First packaged version using distutils.