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New Haven IO is a developer group in New Haven, CT.

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  1. newhavenio-website-deprecated newhavenio-website-deprecated Public archive

    retired version of the website for built on the Gumby framework

    JavaScript 21 9

  2. Public

    active version of the website for built on the Jekyll framework

    CSS 13 12

  3. FreeSpace FreeSpace Public

    A journey of a fullstack app begins with a single index.html file.

    Python 6 16

  4. hubot hubot Public has a bot that hangs out in our slack channels. This is it!

    CoffeeScript 3 2

  5. nolang-website nolang-website Public

    NoLang, the conf! This is the website for it.

    JavaScript 2 1

  6. tech-group-patterns tech-group-patterns Public

    The Tech Group Organizer's Book of Patterns



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