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1 **Presenter:** Ilya Grigorik
3 ## Bio
5 > Ilya Grigorik is a web performance engineer, an open-source and Ruby evangelist, a data geek, and a proverbial early adopter of all things digital. He is currently helping lead the social analytics and web performance efforts at Google. Earlier, Ilya was the founder and CTO of PostRank, a social analytics company, which was acquired by Google.
7 ## Abstract
9 > Google loves speed, and we want to make the entire web faster - yes, that includes your Rails app! We'll explore what we've learned from running our own services at scale, as well as cover the research, projects, and open sourced tools we've developed in the process.
10 >
11 > We'll start at the top with website optimization best practices, take a look at what the browser and HTML5 can do for us, take a detour into the optimizations for the mobile web, and finally dive deep into the SPDY and TCP protocol optimizations.
12 >
13 > We'll cover a lot of ground, so bring a coffee. By the end of the session, you should have a good checklist to help you optimize your own site.
15 ## Notes
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17 ### @abelmartin's notes
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19 ### NOTE: My notes are really sparse because the slides are really good. Make sure to check them out below.
20 * How Google analyzes pages for performance & speed.
21 * [Rephrasing]: "Web pages/apps have 'no install' because we're always installing (JS, CSS, HTML, etc)"
22 * You can use amazing tools like "performance" && "performance.timing" in the console in any modern browser
23 * Google is tracking that as part of analytics
24 * Also gives you server response time
25 * Use Segment Parsing
26 * Setup PDF reports than can email you whenever you want!
27 * Averages lie so Histogram everything
28 * Measure the perceived latency!
29 * Check out chrome://tracing
30 * It can create a detailed view of exactly what the bowser is doing!
31 * helpful for game development
32 * Dev Tools is actually a web app
33 * Android phones can have their DevTools running on a computer and analyze everything
34 * You can drive Chrome from CLI using a ruby script if you want!
35 * for info other browsers
37 * FREE
38 * PageSpeed Online
39 * Has an API
40 * Only requires an API key
41 * PageSpeed also has a SDK that you can install and run locally!
42 * Chrome & Firefox extensions
43 * mod_pagespeed
44 * Apache plugin
45 * AUTOMATIC resource cleanup & scrubbing!
46 * It's getting easier and easier to get this working
47 * has a TON of filters too
48 * PageSpeed Service beta
49 * set CName to a Google Server and it handles the optimization for you and serves it all via CDN
51 Where to start
52 * Covered in the slides
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56 ## External Links
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57 * [Slides for the talk](
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58 * [WebPagetest]( - Free web page testing across different browsers and locations
59 * [PageSpeed]( - Google web page performance tools
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