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From [[WindyCityRails 2012]]

Presenter: [[Michael Norton]]


From @benjaminoakes:

  • Apprentice -> Journeyman -> Master
  • Shu -> Ha -> Ri

    • Rules and structure are what you hold true to at the beginning
    • Then you realize you can break some of the rules
    • Then everything is internalized
  • Polyglot: we're polyglots because of the various tools, etc we use as Rubyists

  • Collegial
  • T-Shaped people: deep vertical skills, empathy with the rest of the team
  • Personalities (Myers-Briggs)
  • Fist to 5
    • You throw out your vote (0 - 5) on the count of three.
  • Collaboration 8
    • 8 levels of how much you care, you vote separately on what you want yourself
      • Tell
      • Sell
      • Consult
      • Agree
      • Advise
      • Inquire
      • Delegate
      • Joker
  • 6 Thinking hats
    • Edward DiBono
    • White, Red, Black, Yellow, Green, Blue -- each represents a basic modality of thought
    • Works because it is less offensive
    • Everyone can wear the same hat at the same time
    • Look at it from other angles
    • Helps remove conflict

You're never done; keep getting better.

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.

— Henry Ford

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