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Presenter: Miles Woodroffe


Miles is an Engineer at COOKPAD in Tokyo working with Ruby and Rails every day. @tapster


Thank you to the Rails community, from Cookpad and 15 million families.


  • Cookpad is probably "the biggest Rails site you never heard of"
  • A summary of what Cookpad does and that lots of people use it in Japan
  • They sponsored RailsConf to give back

Memorable Quotes

  • "What would Aaron Patterson do?" (WWAPD)

What is COOKPAD?

  • Cookpad is probably the biggest Rails site you never heard of
  • 15 million unique visitors per month, generating half a billion pageviews a month
  • The site is trusted by 50% of women in Japan to find recipes for their families, wherever they are
  • Founded in 1997, we now have around 100 employees, 40 being Engineers from 7 different countries - all using Ruby and Rails

The COOKPAD Mission

  • We know cooking with friends and family, sharing the moment, makes people smile
  • If everyone starts using Cookpad and shares their experiences around cooking, we know it can enrich all our lives
  • Our mission is literally: "to improve people's lives through cooking" and that mission has been successful in daily life in Japan

COOKPAD in Daily Life

  • It’s amazing to think that 50% of all women in Japan in their 20’s and 30’s rely on Cookpad to find recipes for their families
  • We want to inspire people everywhere to enjoy cooking more, by providing the tools and technologies to help them share and find new and interesting recipes

Why Sponsor RailsConf?

  • We wanted to really say thank you to you, the Rails community, Ruby Central and sponsoring this event is a great way for us to start showing our appreciation
  • Cookpad has been built on Rails for 4 years
  • We love the Rails framework and of course, the Ruby language
  • Thanks to Rails, we’ve been able to quickly build features then measure and learn from users, while still writing beautiful ruby code.
  • Lastly, in the past we haven't been as involved as I would like in the Rails community, we’ve been working hard to change that by open sourcing some of our code and also actively contributing to other projects we use - as a priority
  • TOKYO Rails! please come and visit if you’re ever in Tokyo!

Food for Thought

  • What I really, really, love about Rails and Ruby is that the focus is on creating incredible value for its users - those users being us, the developers using it every day
  • it works really hard to get our of our way, and solve real problems for us, defintely improving our daily lives
  • Simlarly, Cookpad’s incedible success is largely due to the focus on providing incredible value to our users, solving their real problem of what to feed their families, and changing their daily lives for the better
  • so my take away for you is this; take your amazing skills, use this amazingly productive Rails framework we all love and are here to celebrate, and build products that really change people’s daily lives around you
  • talk to the underserved, your non-technical friends, families, neighbours who aren’t sitting in front of their MacBooks all day like many of us, and listen to problems they have in their daily lives that you can help with
  • together, we can make the world a better place!!


  • So, once again, a huge “Thank you” from myself, and everyone at Cookpad!
  • Thanks to everyone here, the Rails community
  • and a special thank you to Leah, Ben, Ruby Central, and everone else involved in organizing this great event

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