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From [[Goruco 2012]]

Presenter: Dr. Nic Williams


Dr. Nic is a developer’s developer.

He writes blog posts for developers; creates tools, libraries and text editor extensions for developers; and speaks to developers at conferences.

He’s the VP of Developer Evangelism at Engine Yard, the leading Platform as a Service.

He’s Australian and now living in the Bay Area.

And he’s funny; if you can understand his accent.


In this talk, we will reflect on the current state of deploying production systems, including build/deploy toolchains, and continuous deployment.



  • Don't have time to read the whole thing?
  • Here are the takeaways.
  • "This page in a nutshell."
  • We expect a lot from deployment - we should stop expecting things from tools that don't do what we want them too.
  • When we deploy a system we need to realize it's not just about getting the code up, it's about living with it, should deploy systems in small batches and isolate ruby so if we want to upgrade the app to Ruby 1.4 but not god then we can.
  • Want to isolate technologies so we can rebuild the same system 3 years from now.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Our tools shape our thinking"
  • "Tools should help, not get in the way."
  • "Any change to a production system is deployment."



From @ZachMorek:

  • In this talk, Dr Nic describes what he believes would make a better deployment cycle
  • Back in Black
  • Visa fun
  • Awesome deploy process in month 1, but what about the next 5 years?
  • Migrating databases?
  • We will change both code and infrastructure (DB's etc.) and architecture (SOA)
  • Using gentoo 6 years ago because it worked, and then they're stuck with it
  • Our tools shape our thinking
  • "These aren't solutions, they're tools"
  • Living with our systems
  • Bootstrapping new developers can shape how they feel about the environment
  • "It's my data not Google's"
  • "I want to be able to build up an entire universe from scratch"
  • Virtual machine count should be an attribute just like which version of ruby you're using

From @username1:

  • This layout is just a suggestion.
  • It's kinda based on how Wikipedia is organized (e.g. an "External Links" section)
  • Bullet points might work well. Paragraphs too. Up to you. :)
  • This section is probably enough, but just in case here are some other ideas...

From @username2:

  • It's best to leave "username dividers" to prevent merge conflicts later.

From @benjaminoakes:



  • If some stuff is controversial, thought provoking, etc, we can have something like this.
  • Kind of like "Talk" pages on Wikipedia.
  • Sign it with your GitHub username, please. - benjaminoakes

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