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From [[WindyCityRails 2012]]

Presenter: [[Steve Klabnik]]


The software world doesn't exist in a void; we can learn a lot by studying philosophy and related subjects. This talk was wide ranging, and was more about planting the seed of knowledge than anything.

Watching the video is encouraged, once available.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Logic'd!'
  • "We aspire to be evil as well"
  • "You will be a total newb again"


From @benjaminoakes, with additions by @steveklabnik:

  • A lot of info can be found on Wikipedia (see there for more)
  • Humanities are important
  • Refinement -- you see more the second time you read something
  • Rewarding to study this
  • Monocultures = death
    • Get out of your filter bubble