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From [[WindyCityRails 2012]]

Presenter: [[Evan Light]]



Everyone draws inspiration and motivation from different sources.

For most, it’s often frustration.

We make life decisions, define new features, or refactor code when we get too annoyed by current circumstances. This is where Evan admits that he has a low tolerance for frustration. Having been frustrated a great deal during his career, Evan will discuss several anti-patterns that he has seen in code and how to use the Dark Side of the Force (frustration, anger, and rage) to escape from them.


  • Evan cleans up a lot of code
  • Things you should know how to do:
    • Refactor: extract methods, etc
    • Delegate more (instead of splitting out modules just to include them again)
    • Views that aren't stupid
    • Monkey patching: bad!
    • Demeter
    • Don't be too clever
    • Be conventional
    • Do what you care about

Memorable Quotes

"test, refactor, delegate" - @elight #windycityrails #frustrationdrivendevelopment

— Table XI (@tablexi) September 6, 2012
  • TATFT: Test All The Fucking Time
  • Demeter: "Don't play with your friend's privates"
  • "Be a hero in private, play nice with others"
  • "Frustration is just life's way of telling you you're doing something wrong"
  • "Keep Flying and Stay Shiny" (Firefly)


From @benjaminoakes:

  • What he does:

    • Job: "Freelance Code Janitor"
    • Ruby DCamp
    • Ruby Freelancers
    • Previously: gov't contractor, startups, etc
    • Lately: freelancing
    • Has seen a lot of shit
  • We love TDD

    • Most Rubyists don't write tests (at all?)
    • TATFT: Test All The Fucking Time
    • Red Green Refactor... Most Rubyists don't refactor
  • Problems he sees often:

    • Refactoring: Extract Method (and extract classes in the process)
      • "Separate nouns and verbs"
    • The all knowing User class
      • More modules? That makes it worse!
      • "Get a lackey" Delegate! SimpleDelegator
    • Views that aren't stupid
      • Remove the logic
      • Could use Helpers
      • Don't just throw everything there...
      • Presenters probably should not be your first choice (not terribly different than helpers for a single method example)...
      • Use Helpers first, then Presenters as it gets complex
      • His gem: modest_presenter
    • Monkey patching: bad!
      • Don't mokney patch Resque, etc.
      • Dependency injection can be a better choice sometimes...
      • Do the right thing (fork, pull request, etc.)
    • Demeter
      • "Don't play with your friend's privates"
      • Loose coupling generally a good thing
      • Long lines = bad sign
    • Don't be too clever
      • "Be a hero in private, play nice with others"
    • Be conventional
      • Don't get too far away from RESTful controllers, etc
      • Make meaningful names, not just combinations of words you already use
    • Do what you care about
      • Damien Katz: worked on CouchDB, got laid off (had to sell house, etc), kept working on CouchDB, and it worked out... worked on what he believes in.
      • Love what you do


  • TATFT... Aren't there times that it doesn't make sense to test? (Isn't that one of the things Kent Beck says?) - @benjaminoakes
    • Depends on business value too. @elight (during QA)
  • Other benefit for Presenters: faster, Corey Haines-style tests - @benjaminoakes

Thanks @elight for giving me an excuse to link to my Boring Software Manifesto:…

— Noel Rappin (@noelrap) September 6, 2012