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Getting Started with JavaScript Testing

  • JS as a first class citizen -- it's real code

  • integration: AJAX, complicated DOM, etc

    • Capybara is great for integration testing
    • Simulates user behavior
    • Switch seamlessly between drivers
      • JS targeted:
        • Selenium

        • Akephalos (HTMLUnit based, slower)

        • capybara-envjs (bad support)

        • capybara-webkit (unproven

        • can use rack-test to do non-JS

        • gem 'capybara-enjs'

          it 'does (with JS)', :js => true do



        • Can do in Cucumber too

        • Best Practices:

          • Helper modules (e.g. for things like sign_in_as(name))
          • Use selectors to get back in your domain language
          • Assert on things you can see
            • Not URLs
            • Not cookies
            • Not session
            • Not application state
            • This is less brittle, doesn't depend on underlying implementation
          • Use field labels, not field names
          • Use domain stuff, not implmenetation
  • Unit testing: standaolone logic

    • Favorite: Jasmine

    • Stable, full featured, general purpose

    • Evergreen packages up Jasmine

    • Evergreen: /evergreen

    • Allows commandline testing

    • Evergreen:

      • Nice requires
      • Templates (HTML snippets)
      • toHaveElement (in spec_helper)
      • Does CoffeeScript based on filename
    • Suggestions

      • Testable JS code
      • Create abstractions
      • Keep consistent feel to JS (functional or OO, pick one)
      • Separate files (esp. with asset pipeline), not just application.js TODO
      • Mostly test event bindings, maybe integration, still experiment
      • Custom matchers are good
      • Isolate AJAX to avoid brittleness
      • Maybe mock AJAX
      • Simplify your DOM
  • Qs

    • JSTestDriver?
    • Why have to click?


  • individual components key
  • Jasmine: Scenario, Given, When, Then
  • Act like a user
  • Unit tests: systemic (internal quality)
  • Can split into controllers, etc