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Presenter: Caike Souza @caike


In this talk we will explore the best practices in using interfaces as the foundation for designing object oriented applications in Ruby and Rails. We will talk about some of the techniques that make it possible to write loosely coupled components that can be easily extended to respond to requirement changes.



  • Why developing rails apps is awesome

  • Granularity

  • Problems with granularity, team issues, no more fun

  • Interfaces

  • Add an extra layer of abstraction in the 1 do what it says it will 2 do no harm 3 notify if something goes wrong Factory Method Pattern

Replacing Active Record with an Interface new -> build_with save -> place

Plain Old Ruby Method (PORO)


  • What the interface relies on
  • User must have valid email
  • Product must be available


  • What the interface will guarantee
  • User must have a new payment.
  • Seat must be reserved


  • True before, during and after
  • User must be registered
  • Store location must be open

Fat models; Thin controllers Model != ActiveRecord::Base Models

Rails fails tests -> Rails is not your application -> It should be factorable into a Gem

Rails Models Complexity Pyramid Base - 0 - Rails out of the Box Mid - 1 - Protect AR::Base methods from controller Top - 2 - Hide AR::Base classes from controller

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