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On the Tracks


  • 40 apps in the last 12 months
  • Wrote ActionMailer
  • Antipatterns


  • Working vs Sexy
    • Not just a green light
    • Sexy can be a time waster
    • If it's not necessary, don't worry about it
  • Maintainable
    • Patterns are good, but don't always try to be a case study
    • Trivial to understand == good code
    • Budget matters: beautiful is ugly if it's too expensive/no one buys it
  • Trade-offs are life
    • Don't go overboard on refactoring if rarely used
  • Not selling code, buying a solution (app)

  • DOCUMENT how to deploy (e.g. in README) TODO

    • Heroku, Chef, Puppet, etc
    • Bundler
      • Be explicit in versioning
      • Don't depend on git repositories you don't control
        • Fork if you have to, making a branch for your app
    • Make db/seeds.rb for what you nee
      • Makes it easier to add a new developer (including you sometime down the road)
    • No passwords in the app
      • API keys included
      • Hard to add a consultant, or if a dev leaves
      • TODO 'app' gem
      • TODO list what you need in terms of servers, access, etc.
  • Big Session == Slow Site
    • Pushing to the browser isn't a bad idea; scalability!
    • Turn off sessions for parts of your app where one isn't necessary
  • Opinions
    • Work with the opinions, not against them
    • Ruby has opinions too. Don't be too verbose and work with Ruby.
  • Being smart can be stupid

    • Filters are for state modification
      • They inherit! You'll run into problems
      • Alternative to before in Rspec: make a method that's explicit
    • Don't overdo metaprogramming
    • Takeaway: Writing Ruby and it's pissing you off? You're doing it wrong!
    • You don't need database agnostic code
      • Rare
    • SQL has its place (45 minutes vs 15 seconds)
    • "Control flow is code smell"
      • Extract methods if you have way to many cases/ifs outside the object
  • TODO get an inspection

  • Code review is important

  • Shared security

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