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Presenters: RailsCore members:

Host: Evan Phoenix (@evanphx)


A panel of RailsCore members took questions about Rails and its future.


  • "Fuck you if you use unless ... else" - @evanphx
  • "GitHub needs an issue bankruptcy button." - @evanphx
  • "Failure of leadership!" - Some guy in the audience TODO name


  • Thing you would remove?
    • Naming of testing is confusing - @jimweirich
    • StringInquirer (Rails.env.development?). 'to'.in? ['blah'] ("backwards include?")
    • ActiveResource "an anemic toolset" (Rick Olsen's) - @wycats
    • Scopes - use class methods. Esp. with lambdas. - @spastorino
  • Thing you would add?

    • -Cornify- Rake - @tenderlove
    • Queuing - @wycats
    • Identity maps (But hard for backwards compatibility, cache invalidation. It's been removed in master.) - @jimweirich
    • (missed it) - @spastorino
  • @tenderlove: Rewriting Rack?

    • Decreasing stack depth
    • Lotta work
    • Hard
    • Interface written
  • Public Pivotal Tracker for Rails Core?

    • Most people fix stuff they need. Mostly random. Except @tenderlove (and @spastorino? maybe?). - @wycats
    • GitHub issues -> dartboard - @tenderlove
    • Pivotal isn't meant for projects like Rails. - @wycats
    • Doesn't work on my open source. - @jimweirich
    • Wouldn't help. - @wycats
    • I do stuff we need for work. Or stuff that seems like a common theme of problems. - @tenderlove
  • Rails API controller? What makes it better? (Not sure I understood the question) FIXME
    • Not sure I understood...
    • It got reverted.
    • But basically it sounds like Rails has too much stuff by default. Sinatra is a lot faster.
  • Concurrency better? autoload bad (not thread-safe)?
    • Gonna remove. - @tenderlove
    • No. - @wycats
    • Long question. - @evanphx
    • autoload makes it so we don't need require as much. Eager load everything in production... (cut off) - @wycats
    • I have doubts. - @tenderlove
    • move on...
  • @tenderlove Abrupt ending? No hugs? - @abelmartin
    • Can't top last year. Kept it real. Critical of Rails because I care. - @tenderlove
  • So many open issues on GitHub?
    • "GitHub needs an issue bankruptcy button." - @evanphx
    • Need bug busting days. FIXME not sure who said
    • Need canned responses. - @tenderlove
    • Close and ask for more info. - @wycats
    • Community triage. - @tenderlove
    • Everybody triage 3 tickets. - @evanphx
    • (We'd need rules, @benjaminoakes thinks.)
    • Tag with version of Rails it's for. - @spastorino
  • Evan: Rubinius? - @tenderlove
    • More project management.
    • Focusing on 2.0

Coloring books contest. @tenderlove's cat for the win. :)

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