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Presenter: Obie Fernandez


Obie Fernandez is an author and entrepreneur. He founded Hashrocket in 2007 and led it to prominence as one of the world’s leading Rails-based design and development shops. He is also a frequent speaker at industry events and is Addison Wesley’s Series Editor for the bestselling Professional Ruby Series. Prior to Hashrocket, as a senior consultant at ThoughtWorks, Obie specialized in complex custom enterprise software projects. His latest startup is, a promising new web startup that aims to revolutionize the way that people are recognized at work.


Redis is a darling of the NoSQL crowd and for good reasons. It's easy to setup and has blazing fast performance. In this talk, drawn on real production experience and real code straight out of the DueProps codebase, Obie will introduce and demonstrate key Redis application patterns vital to today's Rails developer. Emphasis will be placed on real-world constraints and how to leverage Redis to improve scaling and performance over plain-vanilla ActiveRecord applications.

Concepts covered:

  • Adding Redis-based flags and other properties to ActiveRecord objects
  • Event tracking with Redis sets
  • Graphing relationships between (User) objects with Redis sets
  • Time-ordered activity feeds with Redis sorted sets
  • Applying security restrictions to display of activity feeds with intersection of Redis sorted sets
  • Aggregating group activity feeds with union of Redis sorted sets
  • Applying Redis sorted sets to scoring and leaderboard programming
  • Integrating Redis with Rspec and Cucumber
  • Debugging tactics for when things go wrong or are unclear


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