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  • [Exceptional Ruby]
  • [[So you think you can code]]
  • [[Advanced EventMachine]]
  • [[LocalCommunity.Build]]
  • [[Keeping Ruby Reasonable]]
  • [[Rails services in the walled garden]]


  • [[Ruby Software Continuously Delivered and Exhaustively Explained]]
  • [[Message in a bottle]]
  • [[JRuby: Polyglot Heaven]]
  • [[Practical Metaprogramming]]
  • [[Getting Fancy on Rubinius]]
  • [[Nikita: The Ruby Secret Agent]]
  • [[Just Say No To :nodoc: and Document Your Code!]]
  • [[Your tests are lying to you]]


  • [[Scaling Ruby with Actors]]
  • [[Ruby in the browser with NativeClient (NaCl)]]
  • [[Ruby Community: Awesome; Could Be Awesomer]]
  • [[Laser: Static Analysis for Ruby, in Ruby]]
  • [[Sandboxing Ruby: The Good, the Bad, and the Fugly]]

Unattended, but with slides posted

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