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  • Dr Nic @drnic
    Rails/Ruby/JavaScript developer. A developer's developer. VP Developer Evangelism, Engine Yard

  • Jon Larkowski @l4rk
    Developer at

  • Noel Rappin @noelrap
    Noel Rappin is a Senior Engineer at Groupon. He is the author of Rails Test Prescriptions, available from the Pragmatic Press.

  • Ezra Zygmuntowicz @ezmobius
    Extroverted mad scientist recluse. Hacker of all things. Serial entrepreneur. Built clouds and PaaS's & booted more ec2 instances then you (4 any value of you)

  • Obi Fernandez @ObiFernandez
    Worshipper, Husband, Singer/Songwriter, Taco Lover, Dreamer...

  • Michael Fairley @michaelfairley
    @brifairley and @1000memories

  • jared ning @redNingja
    no desc available

  • Nick Quaranto @qrush
    Programmer at 37signals, Husband to @aquaranto, Husky wrangler, RIT Alum, Mechanic. Supposedly, I coined 'failwhale' too.

  • wycats @wycats
    HTML5 is a jewel that we need to cut into a weapon @dalmaer

  • Josh Kalderimis @joshkalderimis
    Core Travis CI team member. Rails contributor, gem developer, and general serial coder.

  • Lance Ball @lanceball
    I write software, cook food, exercise, take pictures, grow things.

  • Kenta Murata @mrkn
    I'm a Ruby committer, maintaining the bigdecimal library.

  • Joseph Ruscio @josephruscio
    Live in San Francisco, hacker/cto @librato, marathoner, snowboarder, home-brewer

  • caike @caike
    write software @envylabs and play bass @HeroesWillFall

  • Aaron Bedra @abedra
    Senior Engineer at Groupon

  • Nathaniel Bibler @nbibler
    no desc available

  • Jim Weirich @jimweirich
    Ruby Enthusiast

  • Steve Jang @estjang
    no desc available

  • Andrew Carter @ascarter
    Software developer at Hulu

  • Patrick Leonard @patrickjleonard
    Head of Technology at iTriage: software architecture, mobile apps

  • Piotr Sarnacki @drogus
    no desc available

  • Jerry Cheung @whatcodecraves
    writing the web, 1 {block} at a time.

  • will leinweber @leinweber
    from illinois, in san francisco, at heroku

  • flyerhzm @flyerhzm
    Ruby nerd, rails_best_practices maintainer

  • Mike Moore @blowmage
    Typical husband, father, ruby hacker, @rubiverse podcaster, @mwrc and @rubywebconf organizer, @rubythreads pimp and Ruby zealot. Just like everyone else.

  • pedro belo @ped
    monster in the parasol

  • Xavier Shay @xshay
    Engineer at Square. Vegan. Runner. Lindy Hopper.

  • Justin Collins @presidentbeef
    Tired graduate student and writer of code

  • zachdennis @zachdennis
    no desc available

  • Jeff Dwyer @jdwyah
    Works at PatientsLikeMe and TurningArt.

  • David Cohen @davidcohen
    Founder/CEO of TechStars. Investor 150+ Amazing Startups. Geeky to the bone.

  • David Czarnecki @CzarneckiD
    Agora Games. Lead Engineer. Ruby. Rails. Java. Scala. Gamer. Foodie. Author. Snowboarder. Beekeeper.

  • Matt Sanders @nextmat
    Health/Medicine. Rubyist. Passionate about quality of life & user experience. Climber, OSS hacker, travel enthusiast, self-quantifier.

  • James Edward Gray II @JEG2
    Rubyist, Husband, Father, Atheist, Oklahoman, and all around weird guy.

  • Ilya Grigorik @igrigorik
    Googler by day (Google Analytics); Rubyist, entrepreneur, blogger, and an open-source evangelist by night.

  • Aaron Patterson @tenderlove
    ひげの山男。 When I'm not trimming my beard, I'm hanging out with my lady, @ebiltwin.

  • Rich Hickey @richhickey
    no desc available

  • Olivier Lacan @olivierlacan
    Web designer & developer at @codeschool, proud @wddbs grad, incurable science geek. Born and raised in Paris, recently escaped.

  • Jacob Swanner @jswanner
    no desc available

  • Michael Hartl @mhartl
    Entrepreneur, programmer, retreaded theoretical physicist

  • Bryan Liles (ツ) @bryanl
    The Greatest Man Alive™

  • Gregg Pollack @greggpollack
    no desc available

  • Terence Lee @hone02
    heroku's ruby team, bundler core, resque core, hopkins alumni

  • Masahiro Ihara @ihara2525
    VP Engineering at COOKPAD Inc.

  • Francis Sullivan @fxs

  • David Babbitt @babbtx
    Mountain biker. Runner. Developer.

  • Lew Cirne @sweetlew
    Founder / CEO New Relic. Previously Founder / CEO, CTO, Wily Technology. Lew Cirne. New Relic. Anagram.

  • Brad Gessler @bradgessler
    I like building stuff.

  • Keith Gaddis @karmajunkie
    I'm a dad, husband, and developer in Austin, Texas, which is nowhere near Massachusetts.

  • Ryan Stout @ryanstout
    I develop web applications and get computers to do my bidding.

  • Andrew Cantino @tectonic
    Experimentalist, web developer, and VP of Engineering at @Mavenlink.

  • Steve Klabnik @steveklabnik
    Ruby, anarchism, #critcode. I hack on @hacketyhack, teach with @jumpstartlab, and read as much as I possibly can.

  • thomas pomfret @thomas_mint
    no desc available

  • Mikel Lindsaar @lindsaar
    I run and share my thoughts and ideas on business expansion and management to anyone that will listen :)

  • Andy Maleh @AndyMaleh
    Software Craftsman Extraordinaire, Drummer, Snowboarder, Longboarder, Conference Presenter, and Creator of The Glimmer Ruby Desktop Development Framework

  • Mark Bates @markbates
    Software Developer, Consultant, Musician, Author, Father, Ruby and Rails, Entrepreneur

  • Sarah Mei @sarahmei
    Ruby developer, Diaspora core, Pivot, dancer, gamer, friend, mom, partner. Other.

  • Hampton Catlin @hcatlin
    Director of Engineering at Moovweb. Inventor of Sass, Haml, and

  • John Bender @johnbender
    oss enthusiast, father, and aspiring cool kid

  • Lori M Olson @wndxlori
    Software Architect, Rails developer, Gadget Geek, Dog Lover

  • Daniel Azuma @danielazuma
    Ruby developer / geospatial geek / chief architect at @PirqCom

  • Cameron Dutro @camertron
    I'm a 23-year-old software engineer at Twitter who enjoys programming, playing the saxophone, and being creative.

  • DHH @dhh
    Creator of Ruby on Rails, Partner at 37signals, Co-author of Rework and Getting Real