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Upgrading from Rails 2 to 3

Rails 2.3.11 rake rails:update no deprecation warnings install rails_xss, fix views (painful) no more .rhtml, .rxml, and .rjs

localization: end keys in _html fake_arel:

RESTful -> easier to update to Rails 3 gem 'yajl-ruby'

def display_name name.presence || login # presence checks for empty strings, etc end

No non-AR fixtures in test/fixtures/

Musicians.where(instrument: 'guitar') .tap { |ms|} # Good for debugging. returning no longer exists .map { |dude| dude.instrument_name }

Discrete steps

Bundler in Rails 2.3

bundle install --path vendor # alternative to rvm gemsets, works well with tags in vim, possibly for JSTD too bundle package # in case gems disappear

Gemfile.lock in VCS # Good idea, mistake not to

alias be='bundle exec' alias binit='bundle install --path vendor && bundle package && echo "vendor/ruby" >> .gitignore'

Edited vendor/plugins? put your version into a VCS and pull in Gemfile

script/plugin install git:// rake rails:upgrade:check rake rails:upgrade:backup # not necessary if using a VCS, but not bad rake rails:upgrade:gems # doesn't check config/environments/* rake rails:upgrade:routes # convert old style to new style routes, doesn't work perfectly. Old syntax is just deprecated rake rails:upgrade:configuration # tries to make an application.rb

git fu

$ git undo # alias for reset --hard $ git add --patch # prompts interactively for each patch $ git add --edit # emits patchfile


lib/ isn't autoloaded remove preinitializer if using Bundler before config.load_paths += %W(#{config.root}/lib)


javascript_include_tag :defaults csrf_meta_tag

Some form helpers removed, see also prototype_legacy_helper gem to help with breakage also, dynamic_form and simple_form (formtastic like) gems

fixing and replacing dependencies

Some gems break.

'spec' => 'rspec' # rspec2, plus changes for config, make sure in dev env cucumber uses test env

kaminari: will_paginate replacement for rails3 searchlogic -> metasearch (sorting is good too) authlogic 3 is rails 3 compatible. (devise? meh.) No AttachmentFu; you're screwed, sorry. Check out Paperclip, CarrierWave. Both work in Rails2.

2.1.2 2.2.3 2.3.11 # or just go here 3.0.7

set relativenumber

Rails 3.1

Update in Gemfile first # Use git version now; beta1 barfs $ bundle update rails Watch for deprecation notices -- 3.1 removes all that stuff No old query syntax, etc Dynamic finders are staying around (?)

to_json => as_json sprockets for assets, good for preprocessing JS (e.g. CoffeeScript) app/assets/foo.css.sass # => cached app/assets/foo.js.coffeescript # => cached

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