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  • Web Sites vs Web Apps
  • When do take either approach...
  • Apps are more dynamic

    • More updates
    • More feedback
    • If high latency matters, you want this
    • Web app is "just another client" (if you're already making an iOS or Android app)
  • Different approahces for what response looks like

  • In an "app" you can heavily cache the initial HTML response
    • Cache manifest (Rack::Offline)
    • HTTP Caching... easy in Rails
      • Last-Modified
      • ETag (stale(foo), Rails 4 will have an etag method for the controller)
      • Public cache via if stale?(foo, public: true) (uses HTTP semantics but with middleware)
      • JSON is much easier to cache
      • X-Request-Id -> request.uuid (great for logs -- one id across systems, error reporting in the client, etc)

Other various JS, etc (see slides)