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From [[Goruco 2012]]

Presenter: Pat Shaughnessy


Pat Shaughnessy is a Ruby developer working at a global management consulting firm. Pat also writes a blog about Ruby development at, and is working on an eBook about Ruby Internals. Pat's articles and presentations have been featured multiple times on the Ruby Weekly newsletter, the Ruby5 podcast and the Ruby Show. When he's not at the keyword, Pat enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids. Pat is also a fluent Spanish speaker and travels frequently to Spain to visit his wife's family.


In this micro talk, I'll review the basic theory behind hash functions and hash tables, show you the new internal data structures that Ruby 2.0 uses to save keys and values, and present some performance data that proves this optimization exists and how much time it will actually save you.



  • Don't have time to read the whole thing?
  • Here are the takeaways.
  • "This page in a nutshell."

Memorable Quotes


  • This section applies sometimes.
  • "Android is the new IE." - [[John Bender|Progressive Enhancement on the Mobile Web]]



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