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[[zol87_south_shore_cultural_center_cc-by-nc-2.0.jpeg|alt=The South Shore Cultural Center in Austin, TX]]
Photos: Jeff Zoline (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Thursday 2012-09-06

  • [[Frustration Driven Development]] ([[Evan Light]], 10:00am)
  • [[Let's Make Testing Fun Again]] ([[Noel Rappin]], 11:00am)
  • [[WindyCityRails 2012 Lightning Talks]]
  • [[Essentials of Product Development]] ([[Ryan Singer]], 2:15pm)
  • [[ruby -pi.bak -e]] - ([[Bryan Liles]], 3:15pm)
  • [[Being an Excellent Software Developer]] ([[Michael Norton]], 4:15pm)

Friday 2012-09-07

  • [[Improv Techniques and Excellent Software]] ([[Tim Stoltenberg]], 9:00am)
  • [[Cultures of Effective Learning]] ([[Jeff Cohen]], 10:00am)
  • [[The RSpec Toolbox]] ([[David Chelimsky]], 11:00am)
  • [[WindyCityRails 2012 Lightning Talks]]
  • [[Development and Philosophy]] ([[Steve Klabnik]], 2:15pm)
  • [[Choose Your Own Adventure!]] ([[Aaron Kalin]], 3:15pm)
  • [[Use Rails for Your Next Client-Side App]] - ([[Yehuda Katz]], 4:15pm)

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