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From [[Goruco 2012]]

Presenter: Haris Amin


Haris Amin started hacking/developing software ‘professionally’ after completing his undergrad studies in physics/math. He is currently part of the Dailyburn team where he works alongside his colleagues building quality products that help people maintain a healthy lifestyle. He resides in New York City, where he spends most of his after-hours checking out live jazz music, hanging out with other developers/hackers, and participating in various hackfests around the city. Haris claims to have coined the term ‘flauntepreneur’ — someone who builds/hacks on projects just to ‘flaunt’ it to his fellow hacker friends. Not so surprisingly, he is also an obsessive github troll. Haris is constantly regarded by his peers as an evangelist for all things he loves. Ruby trumps that list.


In this talk we will build a face detection and recognition app all in Ruby with the power of MacRuby... in 10 minutes! The purpose of this talk is to demonstrate how one can take advantage of Apple API's and Ruby tools to quickly build powerful desktop applications.



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Memorable Quotes


  • This section applies sometimes.
  • "Android is the new IE." - [[John Bender|Progressive Enhancement on the Mobile Web]]



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