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An open resource for an open community

  • This is like Wikipedia, but for conferences.
  • This wiki works offline (which is great for conferences). It's just a git repo full of Markdown files.
  • It's more than just notes; we have summaries, discussions, slide/video links, presenter info, mentioned gems, and more. Miss a talk? Can't remember the name of something? We've got your back.

Our goal is to be a community resource, making this information as widely usable as possible. This means having search engine-friendly text, summaries for humans, as well as resources for the deaf, hard of hearing, and speakers of non-English languages (for example, summaries in Portugese and Japanese).

Want to help?

If you like the idea of a conference wiki, please consider helping us! It can be as simple as sharing a link for the wiki (e.g., on Twitter), fixing a typo you happen to find, or any of our other ideas.







Have anything you'd like to share?


External Links

  • Ruby There - Events of interest to Rubyists around the world

A crowd-sourced conference wiki!
Working together is better. :)

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