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Choose Your Own Adventure!

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From WindyCityRails 2012

Presenter: Aaron Kalin


From @benjaminoakes:

Picked "Polyglot"

  • Friday hugs :)
  • Went through some different languages (Lua, Haskell, Go, Pawn, etc)

Picked "bartending tips"

  • Call drinks...
  • The well...
  • Lingo:
    • "Short/tall"
    • "Up" martini glass
    • Neat: short, nothing added
    • etc

Picked "becoming a stormtrooper"

  • Non-profit costuming group
  • Recognized by Lucas
  • Give back to the community

Picked "breakable toys"

  • Code toys for you to learn/play with
  • Have fun
  • Take a risk
  • Doing things others have done before is fine
  • His (on
    • snitch: who's on the wifi?
    • funnies: webcomic scraper
    • listbotto: PHP to spatial audio
    • scriptular: local regexp tester for Ruby/JS

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