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From Zero to API Cache with Grape and MongoDB in 10 Minutes

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From Goruco 2012

Presenter: Daniel Doubrovkine


Daniel Doubrovkine (aka dB.) founded and sold a start-up in the early 90s and completely failed another. He was development lead at Microsoft Corp., Director at Kleiner Perkins Visible Path, Architect and Development Manager at AppSecInc., an Enterprise Software company. Daniel is an open-source cheerleader and avid tech blogger and currently serves as Head of Engineering at


We'll take a Grape API from zero to cache in 10-minutes. This cookbook includes support for ETags, handling relational data, 304s, etc., based on several months of incremental development at



  • Don't have time to read the whole thing?
  • Here are the takeaways.
  • "This page in a nutshell."

Memorable Quotes


  • This section applies sometimes.
  • "Android is the new IE." - John Bender



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