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How You Can Help

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You'd like to help? That's great!

Helpful Hints

Run into a problem? Contact newhaven.rb on Twitter.

  • The web interface can handle most easy changes.
  • If you want to work with a local clone, there's a software list that might help you out.
  • You can't push by default if you're not a member of the newhaven.rb organization. We'll be happy to give you this access to contribute, but another option is forking and making a pull request. NOTE: the "code" repository may be out of date relative to the "wiki" repository.

Things You Can Do

You can make any improvement that you'd like, but here are some ideas:

For Anyone

If you feel like you need to coordinate on a task, consider adding a bullet point below with your GitHub username. We may start using GitHub issues, if appropriate.


  • Pass the word along! The more eyes and contributors, the better. Examples: tweet, blog, email, tell a coworker, tell a Ruby podcast/blog.
  • Click the "watch" button. It's a little like saying "thank you" in GitHub-ese. :)
  • Read wiki pages you're interested in. Fixing typos, awkward/confusing wording comes naturally.
  • Check spelling. We have some problems with spelling. Many of these notes were written quickly without a spell checker. Useful tools:
    • Most modern browsers have a spell checker, but you might have to do something to show misspelled words. (For example, in Chrome right click -> Spelling and Grammar -> Show Spelling and Grammar.)
    • vim: turn on the spell checker with :set spell
    • emacs: a quick search brought up the Checking and Correcting Spelling manual entry
    • TextMate: turn on the spell checker via Edit -> Spelling -> Check Spelling as You Type (or opt-cmd-;)
    • aspell, ispell if you're familiar with them
  • Fix formatting. Know Markdown? A lot of this wiki was written offline, so some of the formatting doesn't look right on the web. It'll be obvious when you see it. :)


  • Add links. One of our goals is to have a comprehensive list of links to slides, gems, related sites, videos, etc.
  • Start a discussion. Anything relating to the talk is fair game. One example of this is the DHH keynote. Also, see the template.
  • Contribute missing notes. Talks missing notes are marked with "TODO" on the index.
  • Add notes you've taken yourself. Please add a section (### From @username) if you're adding a large block of notes to help reduce merge conflicts, or just integrate with the existing notes.
  • Improve a talk summary. A summary written by a single person might not be entirely accurate.
  • Look for TODOs. Search for "TODO", "FIXME" in the wiki pages for (simple) tasks.

This is a generated list of files with "TODO" or "FIXME". See script/list-todos.

As of 2012-09-27:


  • Write a talk summary. Some of the abstracts are a bit long, and sometimes not entirely accurate. Having 3-4 sentences/bullets to summarize would be nice. Also, see the template.
  • Summarize a talk in a language other than English. This could make RailsConf useful to a larger group of people. See the DHH keynote as an example.
  • Work toward a single layout. Adjust existing notes to fit the suggested template, if it makes sense to do so.
  • Find more notes. Search for "railsconf" or "railsconf2012" on GitHub (or even Google for blog posts) for people who may be interested in contributing. Keep in mind that they need to be fine licensing their work under the Creative Commons license that we use.


  • Combine notes. Many talks had notes taken by multiple people. It would make sense to merge them. This shouldn't be too bad, but will require more thought than the above tasks.
  • Categorize pages. There's not a built in category system like in MediaWiki, so this might need some thought. See below.
    • Category pages with links to pages within that category might be all we need. Picking categories would be all that's left. - @benjaminoakes

For newhaven.rb Organization Members

  • Merge pull requests. If there are any, we need to at least get back to the contributor with a comment.
  • Update the "code" repository. script/update. We may want to automate this.
  • Add analytics. Figure out if we can use our existing Google Analytics account with this wiki (e.g. via GitHub doesn't provide great analytics on a page-by-page level.

A crowd-sourced conference wiki!
Working together is better. :)

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