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Lightning Talks

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Presenter: Dr Nic Williams


Dr Nic is a developer’s developer.

He writes blog posts for developers; creates tools, libraries and text editor extensions for developers; and speaks to developers at conferences.

He’s the VP of Developer Evangelism at Engine Yard, the premier platform as a service.

He’s Australian and now living in the Bay Area.

And he’s funny; if you can understand his accent.


You know 'em, you love 'em -- five-minute talks by attendees on topics that they're passionate about. We'll have a signup sheet available from the start of the conference, so start thinking of ideas today!


From @james_gary

  • Command+F1 to toggle mirror displays
  • NSRails - Dan Hassin @2nf340
    • Senior in high school!
    • iOS developer
    • Need to bridge teh gap between Objective-C and Rails
      • RestKit (not as integrated w/ Rails as I wanted)
      • ObjectiveResource (intrusive)
    • High-level APIs that give your Objective-C classes
    • Super simple drop-in framework
  • Wind Tunnel - Javascript testing w/o the hassle
  • config.threadsafe! JUST DO IT - Tony Arcieri @bascule
    • Most Rails apps can only do one thing at a time
    • Very few people use threadsafe
    • Super easy to enable
    • Most Rubyists see threads SUSPICIOUSLY (not curious)
    • Concurrency: You're probably already doing it
    • Your DB uses threads, your app should too
    • I/O automatically releases the GIL, so that's not an issue
    • Are my gems thread-safe?
    • Earger Loading
      • lib/ can be a pain since it doesn't load it first
      • Require your dependencies with require_dependency
    • Threads are more efficient
    • Why use N VMs when you can use 1 with threads?
  • @tenderlove.dup
    • We want more Aarons (people who work for companies to do full time OSS)
    • Small shops can't afford to do what AT&T does
    • We can unite multiple small shops to support one OSS guy!
  • Javascript: importScripts('blah.js') // neat!
  • Amanda from NZ
  • what private teams can learn from open surce - @marksim
    • what/how/why to adopt
    • OSS provides a model for private dev
    • No other dev method reduces more bugs is... code review! (from code complete)
    • Process:
      • Fork on github
      • Submit pull request
      • Let the whole team review
      • Merge
    • Con
      • more complicated, slow
    • Pro
      • All code is reviewed
      • Everyone sees problem solutions
      • Gets input
      • Sees coding styles
    • Better talent pool
      • OSS is distributed from the start
      • What is your team simply acted distributed?
      • Campfire, skype, google hangout to see face
      • Mailing list or message board
      • Just make it open
      • Internal blogs
      • Con
        • more discipline
        • more intentionality
        • could reduce personal interaaction (but not what we found)
      • Pro
        • all com logged
        • everyone can review or catch up
        • anyone cab e added from anywhere
  • sidekiq
# console
bundle exec sidekiq
ruby demo
# That's it!
# in Rails 3 app
require 'sidekid/capistrano'
  • modeling on Rails using "erd" gem - @a_matsuda
    • ERD for eclipse & visual studio
    • Most everyone uses vim or emacs
    • Rails dev tools are optimized for CLI
    • Rails has generator and migration
    • Visualizing Rails DB
      • Most just use a whiteboard
      • pdf generation
        • rails-erd and railroad
        • Too static
    • erd (made during Railsconf)
      • bundle 'erd' gem
      • and go to localhost:3000/erd
      • Can dynamically edit DB schema (change table names, change column types, etc) and create migration files for you
      • easy!
  • Jonathan Wallace - ROWE
    • Instead of trading time for money, trade results for money
  • Interviewing sucks @micahjgates @canweriotnow
  • Greg Bell
    • ActiveAdmin
    • Don't use the merge pull request button on github
    • TravisCI rocks
    • Design has a front-end
    • Depend on less
    • Documentation
    • Build a community
    • Just do it!
  • Integration engine testing -
    • Strongly disagrees with earlier talk
    • Don't do this: Rails.application.routes.draw
    • Do this: Your::Engine.routes.draw
    • isolate_namespace so everything's properly namespaced so you can have routes in your engine
    • Now you can do your_engine.people_path or my_app.people_path
  • Tokaido (formerly - Yehuda Katz
    • Precompiled Ruby
    • No hardcoded paths in the binary
    • Terminal based workflow
    • Precompiled binary gems
    • Code and app health (flog and flay)
    • Pow-like DNS hijaciking
    • Ruby Toolbox integration
    • rails://
    • Goals
      • Precompile everything (get others to precompile too)
      • Eliminate failure scenarios
      • Free Ruby devs from the tyranny of compilation failures
      • Avoid unrecoverable system-wide failures
      • Core usable on ther platforms (sm!)
      • Use this enviornemnt myself (not an easy-bake oven)
    • Ubuntu users use prebuilt binaries
    • Why not OSX users too?
    • This is for me and you, not just for noobs
    • But it will help noobs too
  • Usergroups! @ryanbrunner
    • Get to know more people in your community
    • Recruitment is way easier (put yourself on the map)
    • It's way less nerve-wracking than talking at RailsConf :)
      • Talk with friends/colleagues first
    • Not everyone can make it to big conferences
      • Talk about what you learned at big confs
    • It's less hard than you think it is
    • Strong dev communities are great - and you can make this happen
    • Spread the Rails love
    • Talk/pub/hack nights
    • Hack and tell
    • Teaching ruby to kids/non-hackers/university students
  • Railcar - Mike Scally
  • Why you don't get hired - @dacat Felix Dominguez
    • You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake
    • Spoke to a bunch of people
    • Everything you were told about resumes is wrong
    • Display your skills first
      • I used foo to solve bar
    • Limit or remove business type statements (unless your're applying for mgt)
    • Don't be arrogant!
    • Be humble
    • Don't use the front door, get in through the back door (contact recruiter for company)
    • Be honest
    • Know what you want
    • Talk to people all the time
    • Document what you do today
    • Big or small, publish something
    • Be passionate about something
    • Ask questions
  • Rails Encryption using symmetric-encryption - @reidmorrison
    • What's sensitive?
      • Senitive data in db
      • Passwords in config files
    • SymmetricEncryption.encrypt("asdf")
    • SymmetricEncryption.decrypt('qpowigjalsjgh')
    • attr_encrypted (or :encrypted => true for mongo)
    • in config.yml
      • password: <%= Symmetiric Encryption.try_decrypt "fjoqiwjglaskdg" %>
    • PCI Compliance requirements
      • Remove encryption key from source code and development team access
    • Change encryption keys every 12 months
      • Re-encrypt existing data
        • Zero downtime
        • Decrypt, Encrypt with new key, destroy old key
  • sorry missed this 1-minute talk :(
  • Jay Moorthi - @tddium: Secure parallel Hosted Testing and Continuous Deployment
    • Change is coming
    • Manage risk
    • Be prudent
    • Aaaand all about fun
    • How do we connect these?
    • automated tests are an extension of your product
    • The customer is (future) you and everyone you interact with
    • Make your test suites as fast as you can
      • Instant feedback is important
      • Losing focus is a terrible waste of your time
    • Test every branch
      • Can't merge without a green build
  • How I saved the world with ruby and nokogiri @rodpaddock
    • Backstory: Buddy was a blogger who got screwed over by huffpo
    • Rod was able to scrape a bunch of articles for a buddy in about 15 minutes
    • Ruby and nokogiri saved the day!
    • Article
  • @schneems at heroku
  • flash_s3_rails by Sam Woodard @samhwoodard
  • Charles Lull @cowboyd - One man in the name of embedding js in ruby
    • therubyracer, therubyrhino
    • Can share code
    • Tap into exploding js ecosystem
    • Wants to be not 'one man', but 'many people'
    • In ten years, every serious language will ship with out of the box js interop
    • What should it look like to call js from ruby? and vice versa
    • What does a prototype chain look like in ruby?
    • - Join the discussion!
  • Hacking the Airlines: Sit in F, Pay for Y @MatRogish
    • Not a talk about actual hacking
    • Use your miles to redeem
    • Pick an airline (one and only one)
    • Fly a lot. To random places. For a day.
    • (this will probably explain better than my notes will) :)
  • 10 reasons you should probably quit your job @bwilken
    • Whatever you wanna do, you should
    • Assumptions
      • You're good
    • You are underpaid
      • Money isn't everything, but it buys boats
    • Too much commute
      • Fuck that
    • Not enough vacation
    • The market is SICK
      • I could find a job in an hour
    • Too much overtime
      • You suck at programming after 8 hours of coding
    • You are better than everyone else
      • Quit and join a smarter team
    • Your code form last year sucks
      • Might as well change jobs and let someone else manage that pile of shit
  • Monitoring with Graphite - @mattconway
    • Graphite does Scalable Realtime Graphing
    • Doesn't do the data collection
    • Stores time series data
    • URL API
      • Generates graph images or json
    • Web app
      • Visually build graphs
      • Store collections of graphs in dashboards
    • Better than munin for lotsa reasons

From @benjaminoakes

  • @DrNic

    • Toggle mirror displays: cmd-f1
    • Share one idea
  • NSRails: Objective-C + Rails; Communicating w/rails from iOS/Mac OS - Dan Hassin

  • Painless Javascript with wind tunnel - Koting Hatduklgg

  • Threadsafe on! (config.threadsafe!) - Tony Arcieri

  • tenderlove.dup - @jremsikjr

    • Wants to get more RailsCore fulltimers by working together with other shops
  • Json + Webworkers = win! - John Krueger

  • OSS - Amanda Wagener @a_wagener

  • Open Source Dev Model on Private Teams (via pull requests) - @marksim

    • Slides
    • Make your private team a distributed set of code reviewers
  • sidekiq (distributed message queue) - @jwo

    • TODO link to github
  • Modeling on Rails - Akira Matsuda

    • Slides
    • Modeling via web interface; can generate migrations
  • What it means to be ROWE(awesome) - @jonathonwallace

    • Slides (not used)
    • Video
    • Just get done with goals for a week, not 40 hrs.

  • 1 min, 1 year of hacking on open source - @gregbell

  • Integration testing engines - Ryan Bigg

    • Routes belong in the engine
    • Example: visit spree.products_path
  • Tokaido - Yehuda Katz

    • Make dependencies easier.
    • Terminal-based workflow. Doesn't try to be a GUI.
    • Ubuntu uses prebuilt binaries... why does OS X? Are we Gentoo?
    • For everyone. Not an Easy Bake Oven.
  • Why you should participate in your local user group - @ryanbrunner, @torontorb

    • TODO twitter links
    • Interesting people
    • Recruiting developers easier
    • Less nerve-wracking than talking at RailsConf :)
    • Not everyone can make it to confs
    • Not as hard as you'd think
    • Strong communites == better
    • Spread Rails love
    • Emulate what you think is cool
  • RailCar @skalnik

  • Why you don't get hired - @dacat

  • Rails Encryption: Encrypting passwords and data in support of PCI compliance. - Unknown FIXME Who was this?

  • Distributed Continuous Integration with Tddium - Jay Monthi

  • How I Saved The World with Nokogiri - Rod Paddock

  • Wizards from WTF to wicked - @Schneems

  • Hacking the airlines

    1. pick an airline, and its partners
    2. fly a lot, to random places, for a day (mileage running)
    3. take the long way ITA matrix airline search
    4. VDB/IDB (bump) earns you vouchers
    5. Credit cards with mileage signup bulks
    6. Earn 'em and burn 'em, these things depreciate like crazy

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