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Mobile Rage What causes it how to fix it

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Presenter: Lori M Olson (@wndxlori)


Six years ago Lori tried Ruby/Rails as an alternative to Java development and "has never looked back!" She has been delivering Rails and Javascript based applications in the oil & gas industry for the last six years, working for companies like Labrador Technologies, CodeGear/Borland, and Intellog.

Lori has a long list of speaking credits. Most recently, she spoke at Confoo 2012 in Montreal, jQuery Conf Boston 2011, Madison Ruby 2011, and Conferencia Rails 2010 in Madrid. She has also presented at the CodeRage and COSSFEST conferences, and has presented frequently to the Calgary Ruby User Society, of which she is also a co-founder


Most of us have been there. That website you want to use, from your mobile device, that just refuses to cooperate. From the Flash-only, to the can't f**king log in, to the redirect-to-mobile-and-stay-there sites, there's more than enough websites out there to invoke Mobile Rage.

Although we all know that the best mobile development strategy is "mobile-first", we also all know how many sites and applications out there were designed and built by people who didn't imagine how fast mobile would take over.

Come learn about the common mistakes most people make for mobile, and some of the simple solutions you can use to help reduce Mobile Rage, without having to do a complete rewrite.


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