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Photo: John Parker (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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From Conference Page

Presenter: Real Name

(Use whatever sections fit your needs)


What it says about this talk on the schedule


  • Don't have time to read the whole thing?
  • Here are the takeaways.
  • "This page in a nutshell."

Memorable Quotes

  • This section applies sometimes.
  • "Android is the new IE." - John Bender


From @YourGitHubUsername

  • This layout is just a suggestion.
  • It's kinda based on how Wikipedia is organized (e.g. an "External Links" section)
  • Bullet points might work well. Paragraphs too. Up to you. :)
  • This section is probably enough, but just in case here are some other ideas...


  • If some stuff is controversial, thought provoking, etc, we can have something like this.
  • Kind of like "Talk" pages on Wikipedia.
  • Sign it with your GitHub username, please. - benjaminoakes

External Links

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