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The website for newhaven.rb

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This is the website of NewHaven.rb, a Ruby users group in New Haven, CT. Contributions are welcome! See "contributing" (below) for details.

Want to show up on as a member? Get in touch with us and we'll put you on our Twitter list.

To Do

  • Add Meetup events
  • Add projects from the GitHub organization
  • Make 'Who?' section pretty with jQuery and some cool icons or something
  • Other things to think about: a wiki, list of presentations, maybe a rotating member box (featuring a different member on each page refresh), maybe a job board... lots of possibilities. :)


  1. Fork this project on GitHub
  2. Make your changes.
  3. Test with $ python -m SimpleHTTPServer
  4. Add yourself to the AUTHORS file.
  5. Commit and issue a pull request
  6. Profit.

If you're a frequent contributor, we can give you direct write access. Please send a message to @newhavenrb on GitHub or Twitter.

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