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NSM Morphine theme addon for EE 2.0

This addon is intended to extended the default ExpressionEngine 2.0 theme with new styles specifically for addon development. It's still in heavy development and likely to change.

Note: Activating the accessory won't add a new tab to the control panel footer.

Installation & Activation

  1. Download the master branch and extract the zip to your desktop.
  2. Rename the folder to nsm_morphine_theme and drop it in the /system/expressionengine/thirdparty/ directory of your ExpressionEngine install
  3. Move, copy or symlink /themes/third_party/nsm_morphine into /themes/third_party/
  4. Activate the accessory for all pages and all member groups

For developers

If you want to display the CP module page and custom field tests update the following class values in upd.nsm_morphine_theme.php before installing:

static $has_cp_backend = TRUE;
static $has_publish_fields = TRUE;
static $has_tabs = TRUE;